Friday, August 27, 2010

My Cellphone

Usual Friday morning i got up looking ahead for weekend..i took my cell phone switched on music player and got to doing my daily chores.And knowing that music player takes a lot of charge i proactively kept my phone on charger as well.All going well suddenly the music stopped and i was horrified.Whatever happened to my phone i rushed to it and it stared at me totally blank........A year old phone going blank was worrying...i started thinking about the deteriorating quality of all products customers are being cheated and coming to my phone i would need to start the endless to and fro visits service senter.........sigh........

Then suddenly it occured what is the use of telecom engineering degree if i cannot analyse a cell phone and having worked in wireless domain for five years.........i took the phone tried switching on effect........then i looked at socket and the charger just dangling not connected properly ........hurray......the poor phone had just charged itself out as i had not connected it properly......

Good start to a great weekend.........:-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Bangles the tinkling sound they make equal hapiness...
They epitome joy, music.........i never really had a liking to bangles few years before i liked bracelets i thought bangles would come between me and my key board:-)

All this changed in time now i wear them day in and day out and lo and behold i am used to them.

They say only when you lose something you will realise their value.

The bangles i had were always with me through my joy, estacy,sadness , aloofness etc.......they did nothing but they were just there..........doing what was required from them to the fullest..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why the name Josh?

Why the name josh? Josh in Hindi signifies enthusiasm ; i like that..........It signisfies life ; movement.......

Today is Avani Avittam....:-) a festival day.....

Came across an interesting blog!


I like the word "Sharing" so much; it sought of defines the existance of human being.
It is very easy and at the same time very difficult to share; as all simpe things in life easy or as complicated as we perceive.
I am not new to blogging; i have been avid reader of many blogs and finally decided to blog myself with google.
It is really good;cool easy like google itself